Saturday Blurb: An Open Letter to Support Family Literacy (updated)

Great Nonprofits is recognizing the best in nonprofits who help Children and Families. This is an opportunity to add your voice to the celebration of those who dedicate themselves to eliminating illiteracy. Read more

Spring Break Update

Last week I was MIA for Spring Break. I got in a little reading, a little shopping, a girls’ lunch with Mom and Catherine, gardening … real life stuff. I am glad to be back, though and am looking forward to diving in when I get back from tutoring this morning. My big accomplishment last week (and it took me all week) was to get this blog cleaned up! I started with a Blogger blog back in May 2005. Transitioned to  LiveJournal … then … and now self-hosted WordPress. 656 posts later I had one big mess of tags and categories. Now, they are all nice and neat, with far fewer nuances and no more duplication and overlap! From … Read more