Thoughts from My Inner Blogger

Last Saturday at KidLitCon09, Pam Coughlan (aka Mother Reader) opened the session with The Blogger Within: An Interview with Your Inner Reader.  Frankly, thinking about where I want to be, what my goals are, and how I’m going to get there set my frame of reference for the day. Looking back on my notes, many of my “homework assignments” are in some way connected to that early morning interview. Rather than recap the event – which others have done so well – I am going to offer some concrete examples of how I am going to use the knowledge that I’ve learned. Book Reviews – In listening to the discussions, both formal and informal, I realized that we don’t really … Read more

Some Thoughts about Blogging

This summer, there have been a number of very interesting conversations about blogging, book reviews, vendor giveaways, promotions/marketing, and how they may/may not fit together. I tend to stay within the kidlitosphere niche, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the ripple effect as stones (sometimes boulders) are dropped into the water from other parts of the blogosphere. I’ve been listening to and thinking about the discussions – what do they mean for me as a person who blogs? what do they mean for me as a company – albeit a nonprofit? I’ve gone back to ask myself basic questions – why do I do this? what is my purpose? what are my goals? It is a process of taking … Read more

Organizing the Books

I need  list for my books. Yes, I am serious. I guess I should be clear – this is another list. I already have several: a list of books arriving daily and sitting on the shelves, a list of books in circulation with volunteers,  and a list of books we’ve donated. The ones on this list are the books I had not heard about until I read someone’s review. So, to accomplish that I created the Make Room for More page on this blog.  For the past six months, I have been adding stars to items in my blog reader. While that is helpful for some things (like news items), it doesn’t do much when I want a go-to collection … Read more