Reading Across the Generations

Grandparents. We love them, we adore them, and we want our kids to have special memories with them. It doesn’t matter whether we live down the street or across the country, building and maintaining a relationship between our children and their grandparents ranks up there as a family priority! Author Janet Mary Sinke has captured the memories, joys, and special moments of the grandparent-child relationship in her award-winning series, Grandma and Me. Beginning August 15th, the Reading Tub(tm) is auctioning a complete, autographed set of Janet’s books … including her soon-to-be released title, Grandma’s Treasure Chest. The auction runs from August 15, 2005 to September 8, 2005 … with the winner announced on September 9th, just before — you guessed … Read more

A Headline That Will Turn a Few Pages

YOUR FREE BANNER PLACEMENT ON UNLIMITED HOMEPAGES. Your book, business or cause can also be featured on hundreds of main content pages! You will be WELCOMED, TALKED ABOUT, FORWARDED and BOOKMARKED by thousands of people all across the USA and CANADA. How? By simply reminding family and friends of the importance of teaching children literacy, and safety skills. Contact Terry to learn more. This work by Reading Tub is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 US License

This One’s for Registered Readers with AOL

Good day all, As you know, it is VERY RARE that we send out Emails beyond our quarterly newsletter. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. Lonnie Hodge, who is a member of the Reading Tub Board of Directors is participating in an annual event called a blogathon that raises a lot of money for a host of great causes. He plans to update his blog ( every 30 minutes for 24 hours beginning Saturday. He has selected the Reading Tub as the charity he will support this year. This is his campaign ad: Now, remember when you were in school and you would bowl for charity? And for every pin you knocked down you got, say, ten cents? Or … Read more