Nontraditional Literacy Gift Ideas – Holiday Edition

Sharing or giving the gift of literacy isn’t always about books. It is about showing kids that literacy is part of our everyday being – like breathing. Here are four ideas on ways to create literacy gifts for kids and teens. Read more

A Moment in Time

By the time you read this I will be off the grid. Today my Mom and I are marking the anniversary of my dad’s death by doing what he would do … paying forward our blessings to someone in need of a few. As my Mom has said many times, life goes on. Yeah, it does, but it can feel really miserable on those days you don’t WANT it to go on. When you want it to rewind for a bit and take you back before the Lewy-Body Dementia started torturing us all. Time doesn’t work that way. Today Mom and I are launching an annual celebration of life by doing something for someone else. This year, we are taking all of … Read more