Book(re)Marks – Our Monthly Lists

January has been a busy book month for bookworms. For many it is all about the American Library Association Youth Media Awards. For me its been all about the Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards; watching a certain 11-year-old get back into a bedtime reading habit, even when she’s too tired to keep her eyes open; and finally posting some book reviews that have been sitting way too long. Even at two a day, there are many more to write! Which brings me to this post … for years now, I’ve written an end-of-month list of what we’re reading / have read. Last year I whittled it down to highlights and book remarks about books that were fun to read or grabbed our interest. … Read more

Independence Day: Celebrating our Freedoms

Happy Independence Day! Here’s to the 4th of July! This is the day we join family, friends, and neighbors for cookouts, parades, and all things Americana. We have “all things Americana” because of the courage and foresight of the ancestors who on this day in 1776 adopted the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. Independence Day – the 4th of July – is our NATIONAL day. In between declaring our independence and becoming the United States of America, there was a war. But on the other side of that war came a Constitution and Bill of Rights that delineated freedoms for Americans. The first is the Freedom of Speech. It is these freedoms that make Independence Day so important. The … Read more

Tuesday Blurb: Mea Culpa! and Welcome

This was not the way I had planned to introduce our new identity, but all things happen for a reason!! Welcome to Family Bookshelf … the new name/home/identity of the Reading Tub blog. When I started blogging nearly six years ago, “scrub-a-dub-tub” worked for us, because it was just me and a few friends reading it. It hasn’t fit well for a while now, and this was the week to do it “quietly.” There is still lots of little tweaking to do (like retrieving the posts from 2008 through 2011) and a banner yet to be revealed, but with Poetry Friday coming this week  I didn’t want to delay anymore. So thanks for stopping by! We’re glad you’re hear and … Read more