Children’s Literacy & Reading News – President’s Day edition

children's literacy roundup logoHave you stopped by Jen Robinson’s Book Page to see the mid-February edition of the Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup? Wow! For such a short month February is chock full of great stuff for book lovers and bookworms to be! Check it out now on Jen Robinson’s Book Page.

It looks like we have plenty to keep that children’s literacy mojo going well into March, too.

  • We’ll kick off the month on March 1 with NEA’s Read Across America Day. It’s an annual event to promote reading that also coincides with Theodor Geisel’s birthday. 
  • elizabeth o dulembaThen, on Monday, March 4 we’ll kick off Reading: The First Five Years for this year’s Share a Story – Shape a Future children’s literacy blog tour. As Jen mentioned, we love having LOTS of people sharing their stories and expertise about literacy and young children. If you’d like to participate in our week-long celebration or learn more, you can drop me a line at shareastory [at] thereadingtub [dot] com.
  • In the middle of Share a Story comes World Read Aloud Day, sponsored by LitWorld. Like our Share a Story event, the day is about creating a community of readers!

pbs-kids-go-contestI’ll add one more event: The 2013 PBS Kids GO! Writing Contest is now underway. Kids in Kindergarten through Grade 3 can write and illustrate their own stories and submit them to their local PBS station. Here’s the link to find your local PBS station.

I had not seen @ReadAloudDad’s tweet about Teri Harman’s tips for reading aloud to children with special needs. So I was tickled to find it at Jen’s. The ideas are very do-able, and I loved that Teri’s reading list has both fiction and nonfiction suggestions.

Children’s Literacy Resources

With so many tools coming online everyday, it is hard to keep up. It has been a while since I’ve shared some new-to-me tools and ideas, so here goes …

We were in Roanoke, VA, this past weekend, and Saturday’s Roanoke Star had an article about eBook options. The article is a print-version of this post on the Shoptimist blog. In light of the Guardian article about libraries being irrelevant, I loved that the first suggestion was “visit your library” to borrow eBooks. As one reader points out: she borrows books from the library and STILL visits her local bookstore to buy books.

slimekids dot comAndy Fine sent me a link about via LinkedIn. It is a “teacher-created site built for students that provides easy access to excellent literacy-related resources, has a variety of reading-based games with bona fide educational value and contains a large collection of book trailers organized by year and by grade level.” I’m not usually big on dark colors for little kids, but it works for this site.

Thanks for your interest in our ongoing efforts to share children’s literacy and reading news and for so generously sharing it on social media. Carol Rasco will wrap up February at her blog Quietly, and Jen will be tweeting items, too. You can find us on Twitter as @JensBookPage, @CHRasco, and @readingtub.


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