Here in the Reading Tub® we get books … lots and lots of books. In every edition of The Wash Rag I have include a list of some of those titles. These are the books that I would stop to thumb through if I saw them on display. Something about them intrigues me and piques my interest. Given the number of books we’ve received in the last 90 days (somewhere on the order of 150 books), the list is too long to put in the newsletter. So I’m making a change. Beginning this month, I will publish a “Reading Ahead” column for each of our target audiences: 0 to 4, 5 to 8, and 9 to 12. They will arrive with your Book Bag, so stay tuned.

In every edition, I will tell you why the book caught my eye. Just remember: this is our initial reaction, not the actual review.

Reading Ahead – Books for ages 5 to 8

Be sure to read to the bottom! We received a set of titles by Helen Orme. It’s just easier to group them together!

The Little Elephant with the Big Earache by Charlotte Cowan, MD. The cover alone is just adorable. Every child who ever had an earache will feel better just looking at the baby elephant. The fact pages in the back, look useful, too. (The Hippocratic Press, 2007)

A Halloween Story by Alberto Fernandez. It’s a square book, with black and white illustrations … written by a child. Seasonal, but not scary. (Maroma Books, Inc. 2007)

The Jester has Lost His Jingle by David Saltzman. I learned about this book from the Dr. Toy website. The story behind the book is very poignant. The Jester himself made me want to read the book right away. (The Jester Co., Inc. 1995)

N is for Nostril and Other Alphabet Silliness by Joe Spooner. It’s not often that an ABC book catches my eye, but this looks like it has something for everyone. Humor for the kids, facts for the adults. (Arnica Creative, 2007)

Torina’s World: A Child’s Life in Madagascar by Benjamin Opsahl and Joni Kabana. The photographs in this picture book are just incredible. I look forward to learning more about a culture I know little about. (Arnica Creative, 2007)

Wishes and Wonder by Virginia Stussy. A collection of short stories. Refreshing, and something we don’t see very often! These stories are about the stuff of children’s dreams. (Publish America, 2007)

Helen Orme has a series of young reader chapter books for girls. I am always looking for good stories for the reluctant readers ages 7 to 9 years old. The titles sound mature, but the blurbs don’t read that way. (Ransom Publishing, 2007)

Odd One Out
Taken for a Ride
Trouble with Teachers