Reading Aloud … It’s Good for Everyone

Yesterday, I (finally) had the chance to catch up on some literacy stuff. Imagine how thrilled I was to see that Jim Trelease, author of The Read Aloud Handbook, will be offering two presentations at the Virginia Festival of the Book (known affectionately as VABook).

This year one of our primary goals is to increase access to information that can help kids learn to read … I’ll let you know what I learn. If you have any questions, send them along. If I get a chance, I’ll be happy to ask them!

Writing Competion with College Tuition as the Award

Baker Tritten Press has announced an international chapter book contest for high school students. This is an opportunity for budding authors to write — and have published — a book for their peers.

We can’t say it any better, so (with permission) we’re pasting in the press release!

The Tweener Time International Chapter Book Competition which was announced about 4 weeks ago when 10,000 packets were mailed to all the high schools in Indiana and the four contiguous states, media in the South Bend region, and ACSI schools around the world. Before it was officially released [Marvin Baker] had already received an inquiry from a homeschool student in China. 700 schools outside the US have been alerted to the contest.
The competition is open to students in grades nine through twelve. The challenge is for them to write a chapter book for tweeners (8 through 12) with a minimum of 15,000 words. Bethel College IN is offering the first place winner a $20,000 scholarship (over 4 years), 2nd and 3rd place winners $10,000 (over 4 years), and 4th and 5th place winners a $6,000 scholarship (over 4 years). Baker Trittin Press will publish the winning manuscript and provide a $1,000 advance royalty. But there is more!
The teacher of the winning student will receive a 7-day educational tour of Paris, France, as a gift from Joshua Expeditions.
We do know of at least two schools where this competition has become a class project – at student request.
Complete details are found at the

Teen Readers Making a Difference

The Reading Tub, Inc. is proud of its partnership with Be the Star You Are!® a sister public charity that incorporates literacy as part of its mission to empower youth at risk. Be the Star You Are!® works to raise their skill levels and their self-esteem.

In March 2004, Be the Star You Are!® created a Star Teen Book Review Team just for us! The members of the team read books for ages 8 to 12 that we send them. Then we post their reviews on our site (just look for the Be the Star You Are!® logo on the top of profiles!) Over the past (nearly) three years, the Team has read nearly 200 books!

You can imagine how truly proud we were, when we got a note from Cynthia Brian (Director) with this headline: TEEN VOLUNTEER RECOGNIZED FOR LEADERSHIP ON SPECIAL NEWS STORY. The outstanding volunteer is Jennifer Tao, Teen Director at BTSYA and the chairperson of the STAR Teen Book Review Team!

During an interview with ABC7News, KGO-TV (San Francisco) Jennifer said that her work with Be the Star You Are!® is responsible for her growth as a person and as a leader while she recalled her shyness when she first started volunteering with the charity as a book reviewer. Meet Jennifer here: Click this link to see the interview.

photo credit: Jennifer with Be the Star You Are!® founder Cynthia Brian. All rights reserved, used with permission.