Today’s piece of Reading Tub® history: All those books.

When we started writing profiles in the summer of 2003, we started with books on our kids’ shelves and the bounty offered by our local library. We were three families, with kids 2 years to 6 years old (three girls, one boy).

By February 2004, authors began to find us. Pretty incredible, now that I think about us … we weren’t exactly focused on SEO. [I didn’t even know what that was!] And we trolled along at an even pace.

In June 2005, I sent a short blurb to PMA, The Independent Publishers Marketing Association, and the floodgates opened. Within a month, we went from having about 20 books to more than 150 books. By the end of the year, we had received nearly 400 books! Luckily, our group of family reviewers began to grow, so we had help with reading books and writing profiles.

In 2006, things evened out, but in 2007, we’re back to a dizzying pace, and not a day goes by where we don’t receive at least one new book!

As we approach our Fourth Anniversary, we currently have written 821 reviews, and have about 235 books on the shelf. And to think, we were SO excited to break 100 reviews just 3 years ago!

It’s The Reading Tub® Jump In!

In the next few weeks, The Reading Tub, Inc. will celebrate its fourth anniversary. In October 2003 I launched the first Reading Tub website as a place parents could go to find great books to read with their children. Some history …

When I started the Reading Tub® , I focused on the “learning” aspect of literacy. That’s where “Turning a page … Opening the World”® comes from. Get a child to love (or even just like) reading and you will expand his natural curiosity and imagination … and along the way engender a love of learning.

But our goal really is bigger than just learning. It is, simply, to bring reading home to families. This is my mantra because it is a statement captures the various facets of children’s literacy and reading on several levels. We want to …

* Encourage parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles to read with the children in their lives … even kids who can read independently can benefit from time shared reading aloud with Mom or Dad.

* Help these adults find great books that match their kids’ interests and reading levels (and skip the over-hyped stuff!).

* Provide information that explains why reading with a child at home is so important. It is the most important homework there is!

* Post articles and provide links to resources that help parents/grandparents/teachers teach their children to read.

Stay tuned for more history in the coming days!


As I mentioned in a previous post, the ABC’s Children’s Book Competition gives us — the people who read children’s books — a chance to pick the next great book.

Voting opened on Sunday, September 16 and you can vote until September 30. Don’t forget to get the kids involved … they can vote, too.

Click here to read the manuscripts of the twelve finalists!

This is the third year for this competition. The prize is a publishing contract, a print run of 10,000 hardcover copies, plus 1,000 extra copies for the author to do with as he/she pleases.

So 10 months from now when you’re at your morning playgroup and a Mom says “did you hear about this book?” you can say … “Yeah, I knew it would be a hit. I voted for it!”