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reading tub recommendations newsletterWe are excited to introduce Reading Tub Recommendations!

This monthly newsletter is your guide to finding read-tested books tailored to your child’s age and reading interests. You decide, when you subscribe.

Does your 2-year-old likes animal stories?

Great! Every month you’ll receive one (1) email that tells you about an animal-themed book for readers Ages 0-4. It’s easy, too. When you subscribe to Reading Tub Recommends, just tell us the age of your readers and their reading interests.

Has your 7-year-old reader lost interest in fairy tales only to be obsessed by nature books?

No problem. When you get your next Reading Tub Recommendations newsletter, just update your subscription. Uncheck “fairy tales” and check “Nature / Science.” It is that simple.

What is Reading Tub Recommendations?

reading tub recommendations newsletter

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RTR is a collection of nearly 700 books drawn from the more than 2,500 reviews you can find on The Reading Tub website. The Reading Tub Recommendations database is a select collection of read-tested, highly-recommended books organized by age and reading interest. In creating Reading Tub Recommendations, we had five goals:

1. Meet a child’s current topical interest by vary their reading diet. That means, if you’re 3-year-old likes animals, you will receive an email with animal books that includes fiction and nonfiction books.

2. Stretch a child’s curiosity and learning with multi-faceted books. If you’re 9-year-old loves travel, we have included books like Keep On: The Story of Matthew Henson, Co-Discoverer of the North Pole by Deborah Hopkinson. Not only does it talk about the journey to the North Pole (geography, science), but it is also a biography and African American history lesson, too.

3. Diverse in topics, characters, and story lines. Our selection includes characters  where kids can see people “just like them,” whether emotionally or physically.

4. Offer lots of read-tested, recommended books! 696 to be exact! No book is recommended more than three times across ages or genres. All of the RTR books are titles that our reviewers – from infants / toddlers to teens and their parents – loved and recommend to others.

5. Recommend books that work with mixed-age audiences. That won’t work with every book, nor should it. But we kept an eye out for books that the whole family can enjoy as a read-aloud.

What Makes Reading Tub Recommendations Unique?

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We’re glad you asked! Each email has a short summary and some Background Notes. These notes offer ideas on ways to tap into or expand your reading enjoyment, as well as offer different ways to use that particular book.three choices




What makes RTR really unique is that you have three ways not just to learn more about the book but also get other recommendations. We call it the Reading Ripple!

Get More Reviews. Click the first button to see the full review on the Reading Tub website. Every book has three “If you liked this …” recommendations. So you have 4 suggestions for 1 email! Plus, many of the books also have links to other kidlit and YA bloggers reviews.

Update Your Gift Ideas List. Would you rather the relatives give books as gifts to your kids? Then add the recommended book to your (or their) Wishlist. Click and you’ll go directly to where you can add it to your list.

Borrow it! Thanks to, it is easy to find and reserve the book at your local library. When you click this button you’ll get a list of libraries in your area that have the book available.


For more than 10 years, the Reading Tub has been promoting family literacy. Bringing literacy home to families means giving parents the tools to help their children build their literacy skills, and that starts with reading.

Connecting the right kid with the right book at the right time is the key. It’s not easy, but it is magical.

With Reading Tub Recommendations you now have a guided, personally tailored journey that can help you along the way.