Lauri Fortino and The Peddler’s Bed: An Interview

Although it is not always true, more often than not if a parent likes to read, a child will often grow to be a reader, as well. In the case of children’s author Lauri Fortino, it was having a poet in the house that inspired her to be a writer! Growing up, Lauri’s grandmother Harriet Whipple lived with her family. Harriet was a self-taught poet who was published in newspapers and magazines. As Lauri explains in our interview on the Reading Tub website, her grandmother was also a pretty good artist and “self published” author who wrote stories and bound them into books. Lauri also loves to read! She works at a public library in Syracuse, NY, where she reads … Read more

Share a Story: “I’m too tired” Mother’s Literacy Helpers

Welcome visitors and Share a Story – Shape a Future afficianados and literacy passionistas. Today’s theme for the Share a Story literacy blog tour is the Terrific Twos. Even nine years removed, I can still *feel* the exhaustion of that bundle of energy and curiosity that was my (then) two-year-old daughter. My favorite times of day were nap time and bedtime.No, not so that I could collapse on the couch, but because we could settle down for 15-20 minutes with children’s books. As much as I looked forward to those daily milestones, there were times when I was just too tired to “put on” my best baby bird or drop my voice for the “down, down, down” of a favorite … Read more