Family Matters: An interview with children’s author Susan Fayad

When you read the back cover of Susan Daniel Fayad’s debut picture book, there is no doubt: family matters. In My Grandfather’s Masbaha Susan draws on and weaves her family and cultural experiences into a universal story. Family matters all year long, but during the holiday season, we tend to place a little more emphasis on spending time together and showing our appreciation for one another. Susan is a Lebanese American born and raised in the United States. She completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology and Special Education at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. After graduating, she taught primary grades at an international charter school. Recently I had the chance to interview Susan to talk about her new picture book and what … Read more

Crossing Generations: An Interview with Kathleen Cherry

Call it Crossing Generations or the Sandwich Generation. The idea is the same.With our parents living longer, there is more of a chance that our children will have longer, hopefully deeper, relationships with our parents. They will also likely be old enough to remember the experience the aging and loss of their grandparents. Grief, crossing generations with us in the middle. Kathleen Cherry is passionate about helping kids (and their parents) with a gentle, positive hand. As a school counselor, Kathleen Cherry deals with “hard” stuff everyday. It seems only natural that her first book tackles a tough subject for kids, too. In her debut title, Kathleen has created a family story centered around an aging patriarch. Her first book, Blowing … Read more

Authors: Promotion for You and Giving Back, too

Authors. Once or twice a year, I borrow some space on the blog to talk about the Reading Tub® and our charitable work. As regular readers know, we are a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3). While our work is “free,” the costs of getting reading materials to at-risk readers and underwriting our literacy resources, is not. Rather than create grand events that benefit just us, we have opted for opportunities that offer a Win-Win to everyone. Our Author Showcase is just that kind of opportunity. Through our website, blog, and other social media platforms we can help authors of children’s and young adult books increase the discoverability of their work. In return, they can help us get reading material to at-risk readers … Read more