Children’s Literacy News and Reading News Roundup: August in Review

The Family Bookshelf hosts the mid-August roundup of literacy news, children’s literacy events, and reading ideas. This is a syndicated collection of reading-related material which is co-authored with Jen Robinson’s Book Page and Carol Rasco’s Quietly. Read more

The Book Bag, Books for ages 9 to 12, July/August 2008

This is probably one of the more melancholy Book Bags I post all year. We’ve read lots of great books all summer, but now, kids are heading back to school. For this age group, in particular, it is a lot harder to squeeze in these read-for-fun books when so much other required reading fills their time. Speaking of required reading …Head over to TubTalk to see A Rare Sunday Post about what teens think of all this reading we have planned for them. You’ll also get a link to Shelly Tremaglio’s essay, For the Love of Reading – A Book-loving Teen’s Perspective. The Songweavers (Notherland Journeys trilogy) by Kathleen McDonnell. This is a fascinating, allegorical journey about what happens to … Read more

Great Books for Back to School

Summer vacation lasts a mere 36 more hours here! The pencils are sharpened, the backpack and lunchbox match, but the changes … even for my “seasoned” first grader … have her a little nervous. And I know she isn’t alone. So I’ve put together a list of books to share. The common thread is that they are about or have the story set in school. For younger kids, you’ll find plenty of books with a first-time-in-school theme. My new favorite for this year is Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton For independent readers and older kids, there are some great stories that are set in school. Some are humorous and others deal with more serious themes (like bullying). This year’s … Read more