Holiday Shopping: Time to Unplug

I have been thinking a lot about the impact of screens on children lately. From sleep and screen-addiction issues to motor skills and the ability to recognize emotions in others. It started when Carol Rasco shared an Education News story about a bedtime math story app. Most recently, it was the new Common Sense Media study about media use by tweens and teens. These aren’t the only ones, though. Here is a sampling of what I’ve been reading. [Image Source: The Guardian, 2013, ONOKY/Photononstop/Alamy] Lots to think about, a lot rattling around in my brain … especially now, as many of us are gearing up for holiday shopping. This year, rather than opting for an iTunes gift card, a new video … Read more

Need a Unique, budget-friendly gift? Think Journals

The summer I turned eight, my family camped our way across the United States from Baltimore, Maryland, to Monmouth, Oregon. Just before we left, my mom gave me a small, spiral-bound notebook for memorializing our trip. That little notebook (that cute little notebook to the left over there) launched a lifelong love of writing. From the mundane to the sublime its all there in my nearly 20 year collection of little diaries with keys, fancy journals (including Papyrus journal that was a wedding present from Bill), and college-ruled spiral notebooks! They’re not worthy of a memoir, for sure, but they remember moments long ago forgotten, and in the times that I spent writing, they were comfort and refuge, joy and … Read more