December is Read a New Book Month

It’s true! There’s even a Facebook page. Odds are if you’re reading this post, you already have at least one book on your nightstand and the kids have a few scattered about, too. The idea for Read a New Book Month is not just to encourage readers to keep reading during this busy time of year, but also to stretch yourself as a reader. Maybe it means reading a genre or author you or your kids have never read before; maybe it is an excuse to visit one of your “lesser favorite” genres; or maybe it is a reason to try a book in a different format. It might even be to go back to a book you started a … Read more

Literacy Lookback: a Midyear Reprise

With the Dog Days of Summer here, I’m taking advantage of those lazy moments to see where I am with my my literacy goals for the year. Even though it is past the year’s midpoint, now is just as logical a time to for reflection as that time between the holidays and New Year when I put those ideas into motion. In January I wrote a post for the Big Universe blog that highlighted some of the (then) recent literacy resources and tools. They gave me food for thought then, and now, too. Literacy Ideas: Thinking Ahead Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study.  Be a student so long as you still have something … Read more

Book Buddies: Summer Reading Possibilities

Many of us are familiar with book buddies, buddy-reading programs that are in many of our schools. For whatever reason, I have looked at book buddies as more of a “school thing.” But they aren’t! Book Buddies can be a great tool for summer, too. Whether it is siblings reading with one another, a reading play date, or even a neighbor’s child interested in spending a little time with younger kids … book buddies can help ward off the Summer Slide. As we continue through the summer, I will be pulling a number of posts I wrote for the Big Universe Learning blog to add to the Family Bookshelf. Here is the next post in our summer series. Book Buddies: … Read more