Wednesday Blurb: The Comment Challenge Finish Line

Well, the 2011 Comment Challenge co-hosted by MotherReader (aka Pam Coughlan) and Lee Wind has come to an end. Bad news first: I only made it to 88 comments. I think that is the closest I’ve gotten to 100 comments in 21 days (averages to 5/day).  I’d have to go back to previous years’ finish-line posts to figure it out. Good news: I commented on 21 new-to-me blogs, including some that (a) weren’t part of the challenge; and (b) don’t have anything to do with books or literacy. Bad news: My plan to thin my reader has been blown to smithereens. Good news: I averaged visiting/commenting on one new blog a day AND I went beyond my comfort zone. That IS … Read more

Nonfiction Monday: Spiders and Ticks and Reading Nonfiction Aloud

Nonfiction picture books are a great way to engage readers. Mini-reviews of two spider books set the stage for explaining how you can use nonfiction to get kids reading. Read more