3 Back-to-School Ideas Perfect for Summer

August is here, and there is back-to-school in the air! I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to be *done* with summer yet. Is there a way to enjoy BOTH seasons? Absolutely. I found this in an August 2013 post I wrote on the subject  … Ready or not, it is back-to-school time for students of all ages. Gone (or almost gone) are the unscheduled days and late nights. In come the more structured days and homework routine. Some of us love the rituals that come with school … some of us don’t. That 2013 get ready for back-to-school post offered three literacy-related adventures that can help ease everyone back into the school routine. One of my faves (of course) … Read more

Book Reports – Literacy + Life for Summer

Some of my favorite memories of summer come from visits to the library. It was the time of year for fun, leisure, pick-my-own books reading. It was also the time for book reports. You see, my dad was a teacher, so in our house we had to read 10 (age appropriate) books over the summer … and write a book report for each one. Yes, write – pen to paper! There weren’t any other options. I liked to write, so it wasn’t a big deal. For my brothers, though, it was torture. I often wonder if they were kids now, would it be the same way? There is great value in hand writing a report. BUT if there had been a way … Read more

Can you taste it? a 5 Senses Poem – Yum!

Next up in my poetic journey is a 5 senses poem I wrote about friendship. As you would expect, with a 5 senses poem, each line draws on one of our five senses – taste touch smell sight sound In her explanation of 5 senses poems at the Make and Take blog, colors can make great sensory poetry, too. Friendship – a 5 Senses Poem Friendship is a spring color It smells like a rose And tastes like apple pie friendship sounds like a songbird And feels like a furry white kitten. If I were writing a 5 senses poem about friendship today, it would be … Friendship is iridescent It smells like cinnamon With a taste of hot cocoa … Read more