Book Review: 14 Cows for America

Ten years ago today. We all know where we were that morning … that afternoon … and likely in the days that followed. Not once in those  3,652  days have I forgotten. There isn’t a time that I hear the words “New York City” and not remember the World Trade Center from April 2004 when we Bill and I shared a celebratory dinner at Windows on the World … and on the morning of September 11, 2001 when he called to tell me to turn on the television. Today is a day of reflection. For remembrance, for gratitude, for hope. In her book 14 Cows for America, Carmen Agra Deedy has captured those ideas. For that reason, I am re-publishing … Read more

Tuesday Blurb: Tweaking the New Year’s Resolutions

To help kids discover People of Color in books, Color Online created the POC Reading Challenge. The Reading Tub is participating and this post has links to the challenge and booklists. Read more

Looking Back at 2009: How ‘Bout Those Goals?

Yep, it’s December. It’s time to grab a cup, look back at where we’ve been and think about where we want to go. Today, is the reflective post. Tomorrow (or maybe next week), I’ll launch the post for 2010. When I separate myself from the “trees” and look at the “forest,” I realize that we have had a fantastic year. There are times when it seems overwhelming and I feel like we are spinning our  wheels, but progress doesn’t come by standing still. So let’s see … I’ll start with a goal I didn’t know I had … Share a Story – Shape a Future, a literacy blog tour.  When I talked with Jen Robinson, Sarah Mulhern, and Jill Tullo … Read more