Reading Ahead – October

Welcome to the latest edition of Reading Ahead, our bimonthly list of new arrivals that have cover appeal! These are the books that give you that first impression that they’ve got real potential for engaging kids with books. The links will take you to the profile page on the website. If you’ve read and reviewed this book, we’d love to add your thoughts to the discussion. Click on the title here and then add your link via Mr. Linky. October is looking like a super-fabulous month. First, I had a guest post at Booklights! Then there is KidLitCon09 coming this weekend. THEN, there’s the Cybils AND THEN, thanks to Jen’s blog housekeeping post about a new book list widget, I … Read more

Books We Read – June

June 2009 [Books received: 129 ; books read: 52 ] As I mentioned last month, the windfall of books from Book Expo America would be included with the June totals. So 106 of those books are BEA finds; the remainder are unsolicited requests for review. We would like to thank Laycie Clifford and the girls of the Summer Bible Camp,  Effort Baptist Church (Palmyra, VA) for volunteering their time with the Reading Tub as part of a youth ministry project.  Their reviews are included in this list. sidebar: Illustrators play an important role in creating children’s books, and they deserve to be on the byline, too.  Because all that content can make booklists unwieldy, we needed a compromise.  Starting this … Read more

Books We Read – May

May 2009 [Books received: 50; books read: 35] I’m a little disappointed we didn’t have much nonfiction this month, but we still found plenty to read. I didn’t return from BookExpo America until June 1, and the boxes of new treasures haven’t arrived … I’ll count them in June. Almost half (20) of this month’s new arrivals are media tie-in titles connected with summer movies. We don’t review them, but they’ll go to readers in need this fall. We do have a few more “previously reviewed” titles. These are not counted in the totals above. We include them because when one of our kids pulls a favorite story from “long ago,” it might help you find the just-right book to connect … Read more