Say What? Reading Double Speak

Were you thinking this is an article about some of the conflicting data about literacy theory? Sorry to disappoint! This is our Reading with Kids Series, where we celebrate books that engage young listeners and readers with the experience of reading. We have had fun with words and books that make you laugh out loud. Next up: books that explore the multiple meanings of words. Say what? Yep! As our title suggests, words can have many meanings. Weave them together into a story and Voila! These are some our favorite books that play with words in ways that make the reader think and laugh! Say What? Books with Visual Illusion Duck! Rabbit! written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal; illustrated by Tom … Read more

Books & the Fourth Grader: Discovering a Reader

It was a typical Wednesday evening … dinner dishes were cleared and the only homework to be done was the required 20 minutes/night of independent reading. Reading is always the last homework job. Fourth grader (age 10): “Mom, I did my reading. I read more than 20 minutes.” Mom (checking the timer): Yes, it was more than 20 minutes. 20 minutes and .1 seconds to be exact! Seriously. Not even a full second more. I understand why teachers set a time frame for students to practice reading, and my daughter is probably no different than the majority of her elementary school peers. What I see is someone who does “just enough” to meet the requirement, and then move on. Fourth … Read more

Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup – August in Review

Welcome new readers, subscribers, and followers! As a literacy passionista, you know there is a lot of information about reading, books, and literacy in the blogosphere. Together, Jen Robinson @ Jen Robinson’s Book Page, Carol Rasco @ Rasco from RIF, and I pull together some of the cool / new / interesting content and publish a children’s literacy and reading news round-up twice a month. Jen and I split the early-to-mid-month edition, and RIF President Carol Rasco does a lovely wrap-up and look ahead. If March enters like a lion and goes out like a lamb, what can we say about August? As Carol notes in her opening, it has been quite a month here on the Eastern seaboard. And … Read more