Author Interview: Ambassador Ticklydung, Intergalactic Diplomat

No, we haven’t lost our minds. Actually, we’ve expanded them! We recently had the privilege and honor of interviewing Ambassador Ticklydung, diplomat to the galaxies, founder and director of the Ambassador Ticklydung Space Creature Santuary (ATSCS), and the author of A First Guide to Space Aliens. You may know the Ambassador’s ghost writer, Faiz Kermani. Several years ago, Dr. Kermani wrote My Alien Penfriend, a book about friendship, with the added goals of engaging young readers to think about cross-cultural understanding, tolerance, terrorism, and environmental damage. In our wide-ranging interview, we chat with the ambassador about his new book, his life as a diplomat, and his goals for the ATSCS. Please welcome Ambassador Ticklydung to the Family Bookshelf. RT: Welcome, … Read more