Family Dynamics: The Best Books on a Theme:

In the last few days, I’ve gotten two messages from kidlit bloggers are putting together best-of-the-best booklists on specific themes. At Swimming in Literary Soup, Andrea is “looking for that ‘clump’ of books that hint at the possibility that parents are actually people. Her criteria: “really great illustrated story books (ie. not concept books) that do a great job to introduce, enlighten, inform us, inspire thought and conversation etc about two topics: ordinary run-of-the-mill family dysfunction (like bickering, grumpiness, visiting relatives, etc.) body image … specifically the external pressures that affect our perceptions of ourselves as girls and women. Stop by to leave a comment on her post … or just stop by. The blog title should be enough to … Read more

Spring Break Update

We’ve been enjoying lots of reading … and some much-needed catching up in the Kidlitosphere during spring break this week. Here are a few that caught our attention… Big A Little a The March/April edition of The Edge of the Forest has some wonderful stuff … including a podcast called Sounds of the Forest (with our friends at Just One More Book!). Like the Edge of the Forest crew, we have also seen a lot of Young Adult (YA) stuff … check out their Bonus list of books that are hot. The Well Read Child This is a blog that thinks like we do: read great books with your child. At The Well Read Child you’ll find reviews of books … Read more

Robert’s Snow Auction … the Excitement Builds

As you know if you’ve been visiting any children’s book blogs for the past few weeks, Robert’s Snow is an online auction that benefits Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Over 200 children’s book illustrators have created art on individual snowflake-shaped wooden templates. The snowflakes will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to cancer research. You can view all of the 2007 snowflakes here. Jules and Eisha from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast have found a way for bloggers to help with this effort, by blogging about individual illustrators and their snowflakes. The idea is to drive traffic to the Robert’s Snow site so that many snowflakes will be sold, and much money raised to fight cancer. The illustrator profiles have been wonderful … Read more