Lauri Fortino and The Peddler’s Bed: An Interview

Although it is not always true, more often than not if a parent likes to read, a child will often grow to be a reader, as well. In the case of children’s author Lauri Fortino, it was having a poet in the house that inspired her to be a writer! Growing up, Lauri’s grandmother Harriet Whipple lived with her family. Harriet was a self-taught poet who was published in newspapers and magazines. As Lauri explains in our interview on the Reading Tub website, her grandmother was also a pretty good artist and “self published” author who wrote stories and bound them into books. Lauri also loves to read! She works at a public library in Syracuse, NY, where she reads … Read more

Adapted Classics: The Art behind the Stories

Several years ago, I had a chance to read and review Jerome Tiller’s debut book Sammy’s Day at the Fair; The Digestive System featuring Gut Feelings and Reactions. It was a collaborative project, based on his son’s science fair project. This summer, Jerome reached out to tell me about his new endeavor: Adapted Classics. These are illustrated versions of select short stories. As he explained in our interview at the Reading Tub, the goal is to bring classic 19th century literature to a more modern audience. One of the key aspects of adapting these stories is that they are illustrated. There is so much to explore on the imagery side of the equation, that I asked Jerome and Marc Johnson-Pencook … Read more

Josh Armstrong and Picture of Grace

One of the great joys of being Executive Director of The Reading Tub is not just discovering wonderful books, but also having the chance to chat with authors about their stories. More often than not, an author’s life experiences is woven into some aspect of the book, but for every author it’s a different “fabric.” A few months ago, I met a debut author with a wonderful story. Josh’s new book Picture of Grace is a beautiful, touching story about a little girl and her grandfather. But Josh has been writing for years. The newspaper articles written for the local paper are definitely for a different audience, and yet they had the same, sweet “voice” that carries you through Grace’s story. [Tell me you don’t love this … Read more