Reading News & Children’s Literacy Roundup – Mid-August 2012

The Family Bookshelf hosts the mid-August roundup of literacy news, children’s literacy events, and reading ideas. This is a syndicated collection of reading-related material which is co-authored with Jen Robinson’s Book Page and Carol Rasco’s Quietly. Read more

Illustrator Interview: Sue Shanahan

About six weeks ago, children’s book illustrator and portrait artist Sue Shanahan (@SueShanahanArt) found us on Twitter and sent me a note along with her lovely illustration “Dreams Begin in a Book.” From that, Sue and I began a conversation about reading, children’s illustrations, and Apps. If you have the chance, explore Her gallery is filled with lovely artwork – what I would call timeless imagery – that transports you to new places and opens your heart. RT: Hi Sue, and welcome to the Reading Tub! I’ve really enjoyed exploring your site, and the iMovie of your illustrations set to “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant just blew me away! On your site, you use the tagline “art from the heart,” … Read more