Tuesday Blurbs

Wow, where has today gone? I can’t even blame it on spending time over at the Cybils site looking at Easy Reader/Short Chapter Book nominations …There are just two more days to nominate your favorite book of the last year. Speaking of Easy Readers, today at Booklights I have a post about where to find books to help your new reader gain confidence … and a little Dr. Seuss-ia, too.  If you’re ever on Jeopardy, you’ll be able to say “Seuss for 500, Alex!” with great confidence! I was saving these for a Thursday Blurbs, but with the KidLitCon09 looming on the horizon, I’m thinking Thursday could be even crazier than today so here goes. I know I tweeted it … Read more

Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup – 12 October

Jen Robinson and Terry Doherty pull together and link you to the best of last week’s literacy and reading news from the past week. Read more

Nesting and Blogging

I don’t know if it is the change of seasons, feeling overwhelmed and discombobulated (love that word!), or just tired of moving stuff … but I’ve been on a tear to thin, organize, or otherwise streamline just about everything around the house. The same thing goes for my virtual world. These last two weeks or so, I’ve been spending lots of time on blog and website admin. Some of it – like building widgets – is fun. But it eats up a lot of time in the interest of long-term efficiency. Odds are I’ll come home after KidlitCon09 NEXT WEEKEND (squee!) and have even more to do, but until then (and as long as I don’t think about the FTC)  … Read more