Shape Up! Lit + Life for the New Year

January, the time of year when we hear “shape up!” everywhere we turn. Well, this year we are joining the chorus – literacy style. When you come right down to it, letters and numbers are shapes. Some shapes cross all boundaries. A circle can be the letter o or a zero or just a circle. Others, like the the letter Y have one distinct recognition. One of the first letter shapes my daughter (3) recognized was an M … as in the golden arches. Not an ideal association, but one that worked because once she recognized the shape. Using that shape recognition, we would play games looking for the M in other places, like road signs and books. Shapes fill our … Read more

Easy Readers and More: I Can Read MEME for April

Welcome to the April celebration dedicated to emerging and developing readers! This month we are hosting the I Can Read Feast for New Readers here at Family Bookshelf. For the next three days we will be talking about easy reader and short chapter books. In the days to come, stop back by to find book reviews for easy reader, short and illustrated chapter books, as well as tips and ideas for nurturing the developing bookworms.   I’m going to kick us off with a little bit different idea: using a bilingual picture book as an easy reader. If you’ve got reviews of picture books that can double in this category or a review of a traditional easy reader, be sure … Read more

Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup – End of December / Start of January

Like you, Jen Robinson (Jen Robinson’s Book Page), Carol Rasco (Rasco from RIF), and I were off enjoying the holidays and a busy end of year. It was nice to take a more leisurely slide into the new year (not to mention a lot of exciting news awaiting us on January 1!) so Carol has just recently posted the December in Review edition of the Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup! Carol and Jen always seem to find the coolest stuff. Their pieces of literacy news are like presents that you needed but didn’t even realize it. Like the Little Free Library project. I want one of those boxes in my yard! In the coming year the project is going international, so … Read more