Going to the Clouds – Literacy + Life

With summer (unofficially) behind us, the days ahead will bring beautiful blue skies and lots of wispy clouds! Clouds are the perfect canvas for literacy activities. They’re free to look at any time you want! They put imagination to work. Cloud gazing can inspire stories. It is a family-friendly activity everyone can play. Literacy In the Clouds When you “transform” a cloud into something concrete is a critical thinking skill. You are using your brain to connect the cloud to something your brain already recognizes. Not all that dissimilar to learning letters and putting them into words. Here are three, go-anywhere activities that send your literacy activities to the clouds! I Spy a Cloud … Have you ever looked at … Read more

3 Back-to-School Ideas Perfect for Summer

August is here, and there is back-to-school in the air! I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to be *done* with summer yet. Is there a way to enjoy BOTH seasons? Absolutely. I found this in an August 2013 post I wrote on the subject  … Ready or not, it is back-to-school time for students of all ages. Gone (or almost gone) are the unscheduled days and late nights. In come the more structured days and homework routine. Some of us love the rituals that come with school … some of us don’t. That 2013 get ready for back-to-school post offered three literacy-related adventures that can help ease everyone back into the school routine. One of my faves (of course) … Read more