Author Interview: Anytime Reading Readiness by Cathy Puett Miller

In 1997, Cathy Puett Miller began her journey as The Literacy Ambassador®. As she explains in our interview, her mission hasn’t changed. She is still building bridges by connecting children and adults, parents and educators, in ways that will help everyone see literacy as a tool for life. Cathy has written extensively about reading and literacy, both as an author and freelance writer. She draws on her library science degree from Florida State University as the foundation of her work. She has more than 13 years experience as an independent literacy consultant working with teachers, parents, librarians, and non-profit family-friendly organizations, she has conducted research initiatives and best practice studies in the areas of beginning reading instruction, emergent literacy and … Read more

The Wash Rag: Reading Tub Newsletter, Fall 2009

The Wash Rag, our quarterly newsletter, is now available on the Reading Tub website.   Here are the blurbs about what you’ll find in this edition  … Chapter One – The change of season also starts the transition to a time when many of us are content to fill the cold days with a book, a blanket, and a cup of cocoa. In reality, those are stolen moments in a very busy schedule. Is the spike in volunteers related to the change of seasons? The Soap Dish –  The big news over the last three months has been the invitation to PBS Parents’ Booklights as a guest blogger for a few months; being asked to create and run the Children’s Book … Read more