#TBT Book Review – Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri

Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri is a book that a Reading Tub volunteer introduced to us. She and her daughter (then 5 and 6) would make weekly trips to their local library, and we were the beneficiaries of some of her daughter’s favorite choices. I always loved opening her emails because every review came with a personal story about their library visit. Blue Goose written and illustrated by Nancy Tafuri Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2008 Farmer Gray drives off in his truck to go to town. While he is gone, the animals paint the farm in all the primary colors: a Blue Goose, a Red Hen, a Yellow Chick, and a White Duck. They mix their colors … Read more

#TBT Book Review – The Hat that Wore Clara B.

If ever there was a book cover that embodied “nostalgia” it would be the cover of The Hat That Wore Clara B. by Melanie Turner-Denstaedt. Six summers ago, a six-year-old girl spotted the book in her local library. Lucky for us, her mom was one of our reviewers. Do you remember The Hat That Wore Clara B.? If not, it is definitely worth looking for in your library. When you find it, be sure to share your review. [Link takes you to the search results for The Hat That Wore Clara B. in www.worldcat.org.] The Hat That Wore Clara B. written by Melanie Turner-Denstaedt illustrated by Frank Morrison Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 2009 When all the ladies wear their hats … Read more

#TBT Book Review – Raggin’ Jazzin Rockin’ by Susan VanHecke

A little history, a little music … Raggin’ Jazzin’ Rockin’ seems like a perfect way to kick off our July Throwback Thursday book reviews. There is an audio book version, too. Perfect for enjoying together on that road trip. Music to my ears! [Here is the Audible audio edition on Amazon.com.] Raggin’ Jazzin’ Rockin’ A History of American Musical Instrument Makers written by Susan VanHecke Boyds Mill Press, 2011 Meet the inventors and innovators who defined American music history. From Steinway pianos and Zildjian cymbals to Martin guitars, Ludwig drums, and Moog synthesizers, the story behind these iconic instruments is laid out in full detail with plenty of photos and illustrations. This is a nonfiction picture book offering music history. … Read more