Poetry Friday: Robert W. Stevens

Happy135th birthday Robert W. Stevens! Given that we are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and the inauguration of a new president, it seemed only fitting to select a writer described as “the people’s poet.” He is best known for immortalizing the Yukon gold rush, but I think this selection is more appropriate for the occasion. It is called, “Let Us Believe,” and it was published in 1950. Let Us Believe (1950) Let us thank God for this translucent time, This crystal tide of peace between two wars, When we can hear the bells of beauty chime, And build our homes anew and lick our scars. Let us give praise for each dawn-birth joy, Each day in sunniness serenely spent; … Read more

Greetings from ‘Hoo-ville

This morning I had the pleasure of enjoying Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas at my daughter’s school. It was a one-woman rendition (technically two: the gym teacher played the role of Little CindyLou Who) for all of the K/1 classes (there are eight!). For 30 minutes, all the ‘Hoos here in Hooville, “the tall and the small,” made not a sound as they watched poetry in motion. There was nary a wiggle or sound, except to remind Ms. Maylee that you don’t stand on chairs (it was the Grinch’s sleigh). No doubt the kids were familiar with the story, either reading the book at home or watching the TV program. Still, every one of them paid close attention. … Read more

Happy Halloween

While things have been quiet here, Scrub-a-Dub-Tub has been rocking all week.  The new edition of the Wash Rag is up, we posted a list of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Winners for the categories where we reviewed books, I wrote my post for Blog the Vote (very important!), and last but not least, I wrote my first poem for Poetry Friday (yeah me!). How did Friday get here so fast?  Both blogs will be a little quieter next week, as today marks the beginning of a series of "national holidays" in our house! Halloween speaks for itself: I have very specific instructions on exactly how  Vampiress makeup should be applied, there are 20 scarecrows and 20 masks to create at school, then there’s … Read more