Updated! YA Novel Preview – 2 books tackle the toughest stuff

There is something really, awesomely cool when two books by two different authors but with similar themes come into our reading life at about the same time. It happened to me this summer, when I received ARCs for Hello? by Liza Wiemer and Breath to Breath by Craig Lew. These are two YA novels that you’ll want to keep an eye on. The title links above go to their Goodreads pages so you can add them to your TBR pile. Hello? by Liza Wiemer Like most teens, Tricia, Emerson, Angie, Brenda, and Brian are absorbed in their own lives, past and present. At nearly 18, Tricia is teetering between the overwhelming grief of losing her last living relative, pressure from a local … Read more

Books We Read – October

October 2009 [Books received: 36; books read: 46] This is always a fun time of year for reading, in part, because the changing season and string of holidays that begin mid-October naturally lend themselves to sharing stories. We’re still using “KP” to designate which books the kids are picking for themselves from the library. As you would expect, we’ve been digging into the Cybils-nominated easy reader/short chapter books. Reviews will be forthcoming for many of them over the next few weeks. If you’ve written a review (website or blog) for any of the books with links, please click through and add your name/URL on the review page via Mr. Linky. We like letting our visitors know what other readers think! … Read more

links for 2009-11-03

Coming Soon: 100 Scope Notes Covers Week 100 Scope Notes (tags: ping.fm kidlit books) Author Interview: Rana DiOrio | Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, a Reading Tub Blog If you ask Rana, she will describe herself as a writer first. THEN she'll tell you about all of her career … as a lawyer, an investment banker, and private (tags: ping.fm) links for 2009-11-02 | Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, a Reading Tub Blog No description available. (tags: ping.fm) No description available. (tags: ping.fm)