Back to School – Back in the Groove

As y’all know, I stepped away from the blog this summer to focus on other stuff. Summer isn’t over, but it’s time to get back in that transition groove.  It’s just so … good to be back! School itself is in my rear view mirror, but I still love everything that comes with the start of a new year … especially the discovery of new things. So it is very fortuitous (and a lot of fun) to share what I learned in my interview with Peter Trimarco and Brenda Faatz. The husband and wife team have been writing for youth theatre productions for many years. They recently launched their debut picture book, It’s Just So… and introduced the adorable Lizzy to the … Read more

The Cambodian Dancer, a #ReadYourWorld Review

It’s worth repeating: #ReadYourWorld is more than just a catchy hashtag. As readers, we inherently understand understand mirrors, windows, and doors. We travel through time and space; meet amazing and interesting people; and explore unreal places. It’s what we do. It’s what we love about books. Sharing what we read goes hand in hand with our love for enjoying a great book. I am very excited to be part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2016 and #ReadYourWorld. Not just as a reviewer, but as a reader who loves the exploring, adventure, and learning found in the stories I read. When you visit the Multicultural Children’s Book Day website and those of its 12 co-hosts (see links below) you’ll discover children’s literature that … Read more