Children’s Literacy News and Reading News Roundup: August in Review

The Family Bookshelf hosts the mid-August roundup of literacy news, children’s literacy events, and reading ideas. This is a syndicated collection of reading-related material which is co-authored with Jen Robinson’s Book Page and Carol Rasco’s Quietly. Read more

Reading News and Children’s Literacy Roundup – mid-April 2012

Jen Robinson, Carol Rasco, and Terry Doherty collaborate on the highly-popular Reading News and Children’s Literacy roundup. The collection of children’s literacy news and events is published mid-month and at the of the month. This is the mid-April 2012 edition. Read more

Reaching a Reader: Guest Post by Sarah Jamila Stevenson

Today’s Share a Story. Today’s topic is A Reader’s Universe. All day we will be exploring the different ways we read. Sarah Stevenson’s Reach a Reader project is just that kind of effort: a way to connect kids with books and get books to kids. I was so thrilled when Sarah said “yes” to participating in Share a Story … and as you’ll see, Sarah is pretty excited about sharing the story of how Reach a Reader began. Sharing the Story Behind Reach a Reader by Sarah Jamila Stevenson On a fundamental level, the appeal of reading—the love of books—is something that transcends format and aims straight for the heart of the human love for story. When I see book … Read more