Welcome Children’s Author Pam Stone

When Pam first contacted me, I was a bit surprised … the only “Pam Stone” I could find was a romance author and a magazine journalist. I was expecting to find a children’s author. It left me scratching my head. Is this the same person? How did she find us? Does she write for young adults? Turns out, I had “half” the right Pam Stone! Before becoming a children’s author, Pam owned her own marketing company, where she wrote articles for and published a regional home improvement magazine. When it was time for a career change, Pam wanted to keep writing but do it more creatively. That is when she decided to become a children’s author and transform some of … Read more

Tools for Reading and Literacy – End of Summer Edition

Welcome to the June-July-August edition of my roundup of literacy tools and ideas. In this (normally) monthly post you will find links to articles, websites, and online tools that facilitate the processes of reading and learning. Whether the information is recently published or a couple years old, it’s new to her and may be new to you. Enjoy! Starting off Given that Labor Day has now come and gone and the kids are back in school, it is too late to pitch Summer Writing Tips for Boys as a way to bridge the school years. Story starters (and this post has a lot of them) are helpful anytime of year and the post is worth bookmarking for just that reason! … Read more