Literacy Lalapalooza 11 – Literacy Fun for Back to School

Welcome to Literacy Lalapalooza number 11! Each month since November 2012, we have been celebrating the Reading Tub’s 10th Anniversary. Our goal is to offer simple ways to integrate literacy into everyday activities or moments, as well as some reading ideas. Each edition of the Lalapalooza  has ONE idea for literacy and reading; TWO tools or resource suggestions, and THREE book recommendations (one for each reading age). Since we are a blog about literacy, it seems only fitting to give a belated shout-out to our Newspaper Carrier. Yesterday was Newspaper Carrier Day. We have our first Friday the 13th of the year next week, and there are plenty of fun *excuses* for literacy moments … Defy Superstition Day – Ironic, isn’t it? Name … Read more

From the Mailbox: Teens Making a Difference

I’ve been doing a little literacy spring cleaning of ye olde inbox. In the process,  I came across an email that I had marked as “save to share” from December 2012. [image credit:] Read on and you’ll see why I thought it was worth saving and sharing! Hi, My name is Beverly, and I’m a faculty advisor for the teen chapter of the Midwest Writing Club. I’m writing to you today because my students have been working on improving their reading and essay writing skills. Your page ( was one that my student, Mary, found to include in our resource guide. I thought you would be happy to hear that :] My students also found a couple of other … Read more

Literacy Lalapalooza #1 – Gifts & Tips November

The Reading Tub celebrates 10 years of providing family literacy support by sharing tips, tools, and book recommendations for its Literacy Lalapalooza. Each edition of the monthly celebration is focused on events, ideas and activities of the month. It is also designed to help parents make educational choices in gifts for their kids or their kids’ friends. Read more