Reaching a Reader: Guest Post by Sarah Jamila Stevenson

Today’s Share a Story. Today’s topic is A Reader’s Universe. All day we will be exploring the different ways we read. Sarah Stevenson’s Reach a Reader project is just that kind of effort: a way to connect kids with books and get books to kids. I was so thrilled when Sarah said “yes” to participating in Share a Story … and as you’ll see, Sarah is pretty excited about sharing the story of how Reach a Reader began. Sharing the Story Behind Reach a Reader by Sarah Jamila Stevenson On a fundamental level, the appeal of reading—the love of books—is something that transcends format and aims straight for the heart of the human love for story. When I see book … Read more

Blog Awards – See, it IS a Good Friday

I was doing some family stuff this morning, so I’m just now getting to the office. It was quite a lovely surprise to see that Dawn Little had nominated Scrub-a-Dub-Tub for not one but TWO blog awards at the Literacy Toolbox As regular readers know, I find it very difficult to narrow down favorite spots to just a few people or places. Each of my faves is unique for their own reason, and comparing, contrasting, and winnowing doesn’t work for me. What I will say is that I am honored that Dawn included me in such great company Getting Kids Reading Great Kid Books Moms Inspire Learning Jen Robinson’s Book Page The Book Chook The Reading Zone teachmama No Time … Read more

Share a Story Day 3: Just the Facts The Nonfiction Book Hook

Sarah Mulhern hosts The Nonfiction Book Hook at The Reading Zone. She and her guests offer book recommendations and ways to use nonfiction to engage kids of all ages with reading and literacy. Read more