Encyclopedia Brown Inspires Readers – No Mystery There

The Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J Sobol has inspired and hooked kids as readers for nearly 50 years. What makes these books enduring? What clues do they give us about connecting kids with the right book at the right time? Read more

A Feast for New Readers: The I Can Read Gathering for January 2012

Welcome to the January 2012 meme dedicated to celebrating new readers (Kindergarten through second grade). You’ll find reviews of Easy Readers and short chapter books, and ideas to help them, too. Read more

Books We Read – November 2011

This is one in a series of posts pre-scheduled before I took the Reading Tub on hiatus. We will be back in 2012. Happy Holidays, y’all. We hope you had some time to enjoy great company – in person or in a book – this past weekend, and are looking forward to reconnecting again “soon.” Does it seem to you like Thanksgiving was WEEKS ago al As always, we would love to get our visitors reading YOUR REVIEWS!  InLinkz (www.inlinkz.com) offers YOU an easy-to-use process and US a more secure system for connecting our reviews. It has thumbnails, too!!  I cannot say enough great things about Team Inlinkz and their level of support and service … so don’t be surprised … Read more